Carver's Cafe

My first time trying Carver's was a joke.  I ordered the so-called special white chicken chili over rice.  The $5.99 deal included a side salad which was a lifesaver, as it was hard to understand the gooey concoction that had neither chicken nor anything resembling chili.  Anyway, that was a month ago and my friend insisted I go back and allow Carver's to redeem itself.

I love tuna salad, so for me that is a good gauge to use in exploring a new sandwich spot.  Carver's literally "carves" fresh baked loaves of bread as you order, and I went with whole wheat.  You'd think the lady sliced my bread too thick based on the crust, but the bread had the perfect fluff for biting into while having just the right thickness so that you can't make a mess out of the sandwich contents.  In my case, I got two scoops of tuna salad, topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

I'm glad I listened to my friend because Carver's certainly redeemed itself with this one.  I'd go back again and again to try different variations of their sandwiches.  But next time I'll just stick to their permanent board rather than be adventurous with their "specials."  

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