Calico Grill

The day after my last day of work was a special day because it was one of the rare days that my husband and I were both off on a weekday sans children.  Though there are many places we'd like to try in the area, we decided to go for something cozy and familiar.  Calico Grill is a hidden gem with a pathway that you might miss on Nassau Street.  As you approach and enter, you instantly feel you are being transported to the Mediterranean (cheesy mural on wall really helps, not to mention bringing your Mediterranean-looking tanned husband, which mine totally was that day.)

I ordered the special on rice, picking mahi mahi, and my husband ordered a salad with salmon on top.  I'm a sucker for rich foods, while my husband always opts for healthy; my rice was buttery which  weighed down the dish (though I'm not saying it wasn't yummy), while my husband's was satisfying without guilt as expected.  Though Calico Grill doesn't make their own dessert, we went with carrot cake and coffee, which was a hit last time we had it.

Next time I go back will be in the winter, on a day I'll be sure to be missing warmer climes.

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