PF Chang's China Bistro

Not sure if you've noticed, as a reader, that I don't frequent chain restaurants very often.  I am usually wary because I feel like I can eat at a chain anytime, anywhere in the country, if I ever wanted to.  So usually it cancels out any desire or even curiosity to check out the chains, like say Ruby Tuesday (which I've never been to) or PF Chang's (which I've never been to until today).  I guess you can say that my curiosity has finally peaked and after I tell you about our meal, you can say that curiosity killed the cat.

As expected, there was an hourlong wait on a Friday night.  I never understood why people dress all fancy to go to chain restaurants, but I guess it made sense considering the theatricality of the interior, which was pitch black in most places.  We saw young and old couples on romantic dates sharing wine flights, or possibly enjoying the PF Chang for Two special, and families enjoying the family-style dining.  We were on a double date ourselves, and instead of starters as in appetizers, we started off with beer, sake, and mai tais.  My husband and I had a big Chinese lunch already, so we just shared an orange beef entree and a side of asparagus... both were good and tasty, but extremely salty.  I'm seriously going to ask for "low sodium" next time, if I ever go back.

Honestly, I did enjoy the meal, but only because of the company and the chatter that came along with it.  If we weren't such jaded former New Yorkers, I might have allowed PF Chang to transport me to another place and time... but sorry, not tonight, dear.

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