Cake Walk

Just the other day, my brother said that living in the US is a cake walk compared to life in the Philippines.  Of course, it's unrelated to Indian baked goods, but Cake Walk is just the name of the place I wandered into today.  Usually, my kids and I pick up baked goods from the Asian grocery next door-- such favorites from our old NYC days when we'd pick up hot dogs or ham & egg rolled up in sticky buns at local Chinese bakeries.

Today I was feeling curious, so I peered into the Indian grocery, but didn't go inside, and then went ahead to Cake Walk.  To the unassuming, one would find regular baked staples like cookies and cakes, even special occasion cakes for weddings and birthdays (cupcakes and even Barbie!)  But keep on looking and you'd find the jackpot: fluffy puff pastries filled with savory sauces and spices.  I tried the paneer tikka puff for $2, and at first I was put off with it being cold, but it made for an odd summer treat.  I should've seen if they could heat it up for me, but what would've been better is if they served rice, too!

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