Butterfield 8 in Stamford CT

I don't know CT enough to give a proper assessment of the area we visited in Stamford, but what we saw was pretty cute.  The day after going there with my girlfriend, I was told that we were lucky we were not there past sundown because apparently even the mall parking lot is dangerous!  Anyway, my friend and I just walked up and down Bedford Street, ate at BU8, then took goofy photos with the sculptures in the nearby park.

Why drive all the way to CT from NJ?  My friend (who I picked up in NY) had a Groupon.  She didn't read the fine print which said she could not use in the NY location.  So off to CT we went!

BU8 was charming unto its own.  It looked really empty inside and its decor would really be more appropriate in the big cities filled with big-city-beautiful people.  My friend and I enjoyed everything about our dining experience, but we definitely missed the people-watching.

Having eaten a cassava cake in Astoria and a mushroom pizza slice in Yonkers, before arriving in Stamford, my friend and I definitely could not fit anything more than a tasting at BU8.  Our meal started off with complimentary pretzel bread with warm mustard dip, a nice interlude for the rest of the meal.  We decided to go with the duck confit quesadilla, popcorn shrimp, deep fried diver sea scallops over truffle risotto, then ended with fried cheesecake stuffed with bananas and drizzled with caramel.

My friend and I scored the food from good, better, and best: the cheese in the quesadilla was just blah and it would've been saved if they gave a bigger spoonful of their salsa; the popcorn shrimp was really good, but with the fried wonton, it was oily & oily; and the scallops & risotto were heavenly both alone & together.

There were many elements tied in from different cuisines... such as the fried, wonton shell that cupped the fried shrimp, and the flour tortillas that served as the cheesecake shell.  It's borderline ingenious and unoriginal.  Since we ordered our food as a tasting, our Mexican, Asian, and Italian dishes all arrived at once, but thankfully it was more harmonic than clashing.

I mean, I do have a cast iron stomach, but testing it is not exactly what I'd like to do when I go out.

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