Lebanese in Scranton

Whenever we go to the northern Poconos, we try to hit the nearby "cities" of Scranton, Wilkes Barre, or Dickson for shopping and dining.  City Cafe had a somewhat odd location in what appeared to be a developing business district and ghost town rolled in one.  If you were not seeking it out specifically, you may miss it altogether.

I went with a large group of 7 people (six adults, one child) and there were only 2 other diners with us.  We may have gotten there before the dinner rush or it may never be busy at all.  The menu was small and felt limiting because I had at least 3 picky eaters in my group.  We did have to make a fast food run after dining here, but I digress because my own experience here was not only good, it was great.

We ordered a little bit of this and that, including: mediterranean pizza, spanakopita, Lebanese fried rice with chicken and tuna, chicken/lamb/beef kabobs, and the dessert sampler.  Like I said, my own experience was great.  This was my first time having Lebanese cuisine and the fried rice just wowed me with its complexity in flavor and texture.  I told the owner that two of their desserts reminded me of Filipino specialties (polvoron and hopia), so the similarity was a nice surprise.

The ambiance is great for intimate meetings, whether it be a date between two people or a reunion of old friends.  You'll all have a lot to talk about from the food to the decor, and would be able to hear each other when you do so.

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