Have Gaucho, Will Travel

My husband loves meat, and I love my husband-- so for our wedding anniversary I planned a day trip to Philly, which included a stop at Fogo de Chao's Brazilian churrascaria.  Not wanting to fork over $50 for the dinner that everyone says is the same as lunch anyhow, we caught a late seating at lunch for just about $33 per person.  All the reviews rave about Fogo's selection of meat, but not being a meat lover myself, I was really gaga over the interior lined with hundreds upon hundreds of wine bottles, cathedral ceilings with shimmery chandeliers, and the ginormous floral arrangement looming over the saturated salad bar.  And, ok, fine... the food was also to die for.

I warned my husband not to eat the bread, but what does he do?  Eats the bread.  Even the gaucho who knew we were first timers at Fogo gave him the same tip, along with the tip of starting out with the leanest cuts of meat and saving the fatty ones for last.  Also that you should turn your red "stop" disk after getting one or two cuts of meat, so you can enjoy each one.  My husband liked the picanha most and I liked that the least; for me it's a toss up between the fatty rib and the fatty bacon-wrapped filet mignon.  Unfortunately, not heeding my advice early on, my husband ended up throwing in the towel early.

Pictured above is a gaucho serving lamb chops and my simple picks from the salad bar along with the staple sides of fried yucca, fried plantains, and oddly enough, garlic mashed potatoes.  We totally think those taters were tossed in there to pander to the generally American clientele!

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