Doty's Turo Turo

Doty's serves food from hot stations at $5.99 for a combo of two viand choices and rice.  One full order of any viand with chicken and pork is $5.99, and the beef dishes are a little more.  My friend and I shared a pork BBQ stick, an order of pancit malabon (rice noodles above), and chicharron bulaklak (deep fried pork ruffle fat) which was $10 because it is a "premium" dish.  I also ordered ginataan na baboy (pork in coconut milk sauce), dinuguan (blood stew), and more malabon, to go-- and the total came to about $40 with drinks.  My friend was wowed by the chicharron, but my family was underwhelmed by the malabon.

This place is in a spot I never frequent and just happened to be on the way back to my friend's house, and that's why I went and why I wouldn't go back.  It does feel like you are in the Philippines in there with the abundance of house plants giving off a tropical feel and the fellow Filipinos coming and going, but aside from that-- nothing special enough to draw me back.

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