Via Vita Restaurant & Cafe

I envy college kids.  These days there is such a wide selection of foods to fit any size budget or appetite within walking distance to school.  Rutgers University is one such campus with more restaurants than I can manage to get to.  I wouldn't recommend George Street area because we must have circled a ton of times to get parking for brick oven pizza, but along Easton Avenue (where we went today), it was not so bad.  We parked in the residential area parallel to Easton, and as the weather was nice, it was a nice walk to Via Vita.

Among the four of us, we managed to sample a sweet crepe, a savory crepe, a panini, and a regular sandwich.  My mother-in-law had the club sandwich, while my husband had the mozzarella prosciutto panini (not pictured); both were served with potato chips and a teeny bit of greens.  I had a build-your-own savory crepe stuffed with spinach, turkey, walnuts, and bleu cheese sauce.  My daughter had a Kassandra without the banana: a crepe with strawberries, nutella, and vanilla ice cream. 

I didn't care for the dressing in my husband's sandwich, and though he couldn't finish it, he won't admit he didn't like it.  I didn't like that they used frozen spinach and deli meat for my crepe, though it was tasty.  As expected, my daughter didn't finish hers, so I had the rest of her crepe for dessert-- and it was the perfect ending to a good sampler of a meal.

I wasn't wowed by Via Vita enough to return, though I will definitely hit up Easton again.  I saw a Filipino place around the corner, a bubble tea place down the block, and some interesting stuff across the way.

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