Jose Tejas

My friend professes her love for Mexican food so much that I get swept up in it even though I don't consider Mexican food as a favorite type of food.  Oftentimes, if someone asks me to go for Mexican, I'd quickly pass it up because the closest Mexican I could think of is either On the Border or Taco Bell-- though both have its perk of providing filling meals on the cheap.  Still, there are places where Mexican food has been memorable for me-- in Queens under the 7 train on Roosevelt Avenue in Little Mexico, in Philly at the hidden gem of La Lupe, and all the places we visited in Santa Fe.

Thanks to this same friend, I can add another memorable Mexican experience under my ever widening belt-- Jose Tejas, which touts "Good Eats / Tex-Mex Food / and Cervezas Fria" all over its signages inside and out.  Coming up on it on Route 1, you cannot miss its large EAT sign, and inside, there is Christmas light and cerveza overload.  The menu was easy to navigate and shockingly cheap.  All four of us at the table had been expecting astronomic prices because we heard nothing but good things about this place and had been forewarned of long lines to get in.

While my friend and her hubbs enjoyed their green margaritas in honor of St. Patty's Day, my husband and I stayed "dry" with water and soda.  We shared a Chicken Guadalajara-- which was calling me with its promise of chorizo, red peppers, spinach, and poblano cheese-- and a Beef Burro with so much melted cheese it reminded me of Freddy Kruger's melted skin.  The burro was our typical Mexican fare, while our chicken had a cajun flair to it with a side of jambalaya and corn bread.

Although we had a major complaint of the food being too cheesy, we couldn't help but notice that every single thing that we ate was multiple levels above any other Mexican restaurant we've been to-- the salsa served with the free chips had a just-right tang with a touch of garlic; the beef was tenderly pulled; the chicken was plump and moist sandwiched between layers of cheese; and there was harmony in the mains with the sides.  At the end of the day, even our complaint didn't hold water-- their cheese just didn't leave us feeling disgusting as most other places' cheeses do.  Because it was just that good.

In short, I shall use the words of Arnold-- I'll be back!

P.S. Our total after tax & tip was just $25!!!

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My friend have mentioned to me 3 times that when I go to NJ, we should go and try Jose Tejas, she said "Their food is awesome & cheap, the Chips and salsa is free when you order drinks n wait and the salsa is super flavorful. Vegetarians have plenty of options. Jambalaya and empanadas are DELISH and a must try. The fajitas were a-ok. The portion sizes are huge and there was no room for dessert. A great option in the burbs!
Looking forward to visit this place.