Love Day, Part II: PJ's Pancake House

I passed an IHOP a couple of weeks ago and had been craving pancakes for dinner since-- specifically pancakes and specifically for dinner.  But because I don't want to waste time on an IHOP, I just let the craving sit for a while, until I had the opportunity to satisfy it.  Enter PJ's Pancake House on Valentine's Day.  It fit the bill for being fun & family friendly, since my date consisted of my two kids.

We had been to PJ's just one other time and marveled at the carvings by past diners on the tables, and on the walls in some parts.  This time, my daughter insisted on sitting in the little cubby hole of a booth immediately to the left upon entering PJ's.  We were also in an extraordinary rush as my son had to be in class in less than 45 minutes (and PJ's is about 20 minutes from his college).  In a mad dash, my daughter ordered the kids' grilled cheese with a fruit cup, my son ordered his mainstay of bacon cheeseburger, and I had the Two-Fer special that was highlighted on the Breakfast All Day All Night page, which included bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes.  I don't usually eat fast, but somehow I managed to wolf down my meal in time to get my son just under 5 minutes late to class.  I am thankful to our server for his cooperation with our fast-food demands in a non-fast-food type of place.

The other reason why I picked PJ's is because it reminds me of one of my favorite places to eat, with its close proximity to Princeton University and population of college students that it serves.  It's not the prettiest of places and the food is by no means extraordinary, but it beats IHOP any day.

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Anonymous said…
Better than IHOP? Hardly a glowing recommendation. But accurate. Diner pancakes are usually better than this place.