La Lupe in South Philly

We first dined here over the summer, but I could not post it properly because I forgot the name of the place.  So on my second trip in December, I not only took this very handsome photo of my burrito, I also took note of the place's name.  La Lupe!

Its location is probably both a blessing and a curse for these folks.  It's less than a block away from the two dueling cheesesteak emporiums (Pat's and Geno's) so they probably either get a lot of or no business.  I feel like it's probably the latter because each time I've gone there, the place was 3/4 empty, which of course is fine by me.  The food is amazingly priced and they've got many items on the menu that you won't often find elsewhere.  Aside from atypical Mexican fare, my daughter got her pancakes!  (And down the block there's a lady selling corn slathered with mayo, dipped in cotija cheese, and sprinkled with chili powder, out of a shopping cart!)

As far decor goes, I am convinced this place used to be an auto-body shop because of the floor-to-ceiling black & white tiles, and the glass garage-doors that take up the width of the place.  Customer service is charming, but spotty; the waitress speaks little English, but her little children are so cute, taking peeks at my daughter from their hiding spot behind the dessert display.

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