Dessert at Menlo Park Diner

My daughter wanted dessert and pointed at the Cheesecake Factory on our way into Barnes & Noble to meet a friend.  Though this was a reunion of sorts after not seeing my friend for over two years, it was not the kind of occasion I'd go to the Cheesecake Factory for.  We needed a place to grab a bite to eat that was quiet and relaxed enough to catch up.  I realized I hadn't gone to any diners in a while, and Menlo Park Diner was the closest to where we were at.

It was well past dinnertime, so us girls had desserts, while my friend's husband ordered disco fries.  My friend ordered a rich-looking chocolate forest cake, my daughter ordered rice pudding with her hungry eyes (and only had a taste of it), and I picked the yummy looking napoleon out of the dessert display.  Aside from my friend's husband, none of us got past 1/4 of our desserts which were huge and not as tasty as it looked.  Anyway, the price was okay (less than $3 for the rice pudding and a little over $3 for my pastry) so I just chalked it up to paying a $12 fee to sit in a booth to catch up with an old friend for over two hours!

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