$40 for 4 "Guys" at Five Guys

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As the four of us walk out of Five Guys, I say, "Well, at least now we can say: Been There, Done That."  My daughter chimes in, "That was the worst burger place ever!"  My son adds, "Might as well just go to Cheeburger."  And my husband finishes, "I told you guys it was bad."

The burgers needed seasoning, or even just more salt.  The cajun fries tasted dirty.  I liked the toppings I picked (jalapeno peppers and grilled mushrooms) but my husband said, "You don't judge a burger by its toppings."  My son questioned the validity of all the quotes touting Five Guys as the Best of This and Best of That.  With all our complaints about the food, we were stumped.  How could it be the Best of Anything?

At the very least, the red & white tiled atmosphere was cute, the country rock music was fun, and my daughter amused herself by cracking more (free) peanuts than we could eat.  And I'm glad I could even muster this much to say about it because we will not be going back.

For your reference: A regular burger has two beef patties, and a little burger has just one.  Each patty weighs approximately 3.3 ounces.  The cheapest burger (Little Hamburger) is about $4 and the most expensive one (Bacon Cheeseburger) is a little over $7.  One large fries was enough for all of us, though we ordered two.  They also had hot dogs & veggie sandwiches on the menu.  And that's all folks...
P.S. I referred this Five Guys location to UrbanSpoon...
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