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It's probably been a year since the East Windsor location of Singas Famous Pizza opened up, and I had been wanting to try it so that I could feel closer to Queens NY where I first had my taste of Singas on Broadway in Elmhurst.  There are plenty of draws to this place, but sadly the taste of the food is at the bottom of the list.  I like the simplified menu (10" pizzas, or nothing-- they don't sell slices or any other size) and the simplified pricing (the plain pizza is $5.50, any additional topping is $1.00, so our bacon ($1.00) and garlic ($1.00) pizza ($5.50) was $7.50-- tada!  I also think Singas has been "thinking green" far in advance before it was trendy... as you can see they don't use any large cardboard boxes and they package their pizzas by putting each pizza on one cardboard plate, then covering it with another plate, then slipping it into a paper sleeve.  You can use the two plates to eat on (each pizza should serve 2 people, if you're having other food), and throwing away the containers doesn't produce as much guilt as the traditional pizza boxes.

This particular location is located in a strip mall on Route 130 and was hard to find at first (MapQuest was no help, and my GPS was in the other car).  I feel that more customers should frequent the place because it is right next to a movie theater, but apparently, business is not so good because out of about 10 tables, only 2 were occupied when we came in.  Also, although this was my first time dining there, it was not my first time calling the place about their hours-- and each time I called, I was told they would be closing earlier than their posted time because, I guess, business is just slow!  The decor is nice, but a little stiff considering what they serve.  

The biggest reason this place gets a poor rating from me is because they had our order sitting on top of the oven, waiting for a pick-up, because the guy who took our order did not tell the guy who prepared the food that we were dining in.  It must have been sitting there for 15 minutes longer than it should and losing all the freshness that a piping hot Singas pizza has to offer.  Sure, blame me for not checking on my order, but I was trying not to be a rude customer.

Aside from the bacon & garlic pizza, we also had a plain pizza with extra cheese, a beef patty with cheese, and two drinks.  The tab was just over $20, and I really don't think it was worth it.  Next time, I'll just go and get regular slices in my neighborhood and save the Singas experience where it's really famous... in Queens NY.

P.S. Even though this wasn't a great review, I still recommended Singas EW to UrbanSpoon!

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