New China Buffet

On the one hand, I'm kind of embarrassed at the amount of times I eat at buffets.  I feel like each time I dine at one, I move down a notch as a foodie.  But the fact is, I have a big appetite more often than not, so when hunger strikes, the number one choice is a buffet.

Last night, it so happened that everyone in my family was as hungry as I was, so this particular trip to New China Buffet was timely.  I Googled "Chinese Buffet" in the Princeton area, and as I had probably tried every one on the list, I was determined to try one I hadn't tried before.  This place met a bunch of criteria even prior to arrival: near home (under 10 miles), low cost ($10.95/$11.95 for adults, $5.95/$6.95 for children under 55"), and had a coupon available online.

Then there were criteria that would invite us to return: clean and contemporary decor (see upholstery above), and food that met the tastes of all-- American food for my picky husband, seafood for my daughter (she can crack open her own crab legs-- gotta learn if you love them!), cooked sushi rolls for my picky son, and a variety of traditional Asian foods for me.  There was also a nice selection of shrimp: cocktail, crispy mayonnaise, fried with skin on, simple sautee, and probably others I didn't notice.  I stuck to the shellfish and bok choy all night, and had a satisfying meal.

One thing I didn't care for, though, is that soft ice cream machine.  This place would've been perfect with hard ice cream.  The cookies were decent, but real ice cream would've been the cherry on top of our surprisingly good, Thursday night meal.

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