Hurry! Get thee to Curry

I've been to Curry in a Hurry, and today went to Hurry Chutney.  I can understand the rhyme of the first place, so I am kind of stumped with the name of the second one.  Or, maybe they're just talking about the fast-food chain feeling that the set-up has; upon entry, I did feel like I was at Chipotle and the like.  And because you're not seating leisurely at a table while perusing the menu, drinking free water,  eating free papadum, and ladling free daal on your rice... you really are in a hurry to decide what to eat.

I had a bit of a dilemma because I usually just drink plain water that is typically served in a metal "glass," so today I was missing that familiar metallic taste experience.  Since I had to pay a minimum of $1.25 for bottled water, I thought I might as well get a soda, so I settled for a $2.50 bottle of green tea ginger ale (at least it was something new for me).  I had a big lunch prior to meeting my friend for dinner, so I opted for a vegetarian dish (saag paneer) which came with basmati rice for $7.95.  My friend ordered chicken korma and plain naan.  My total came to just $11.18 after tax. 

The food comes in to-go containers already, so when you're done, just pop the top back on and go.  The portions were generous... unlike other places which load you up with rice and not enough viand, this place was the opposite so I ended up taking home leftovers of thick spinach with just two chunks of goat cheese.  My friend's korma tasted more like tikka masala, but thankfully we like both korma and masala anyway, so there were no complaints about the flavor.

As you can see, I wasn't exactly wowed by the place, but I do love Indian food so all is forgiven.  I would pick Hurry Chutney over Chipotle any day.

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CRS said…
Oh, good to know. Thanks for the review!
Vasu said…
to solve the name dilemma...from their menu "Hurry Chutney spelled as Hari Chutney means Green Chutney/ Mint Chutney!"
i had chicken korma here in the past and it was significantly different and good, but from your pic it looks like tikka masala though! i like spicy food and their vindaloo is the best....