Banzai on Quakerbridge Road

Hibachis are fun places to eat, especially when there's a special occasion.  For my son's birthday, we decided to try Banzai on Quakerbridge Road.  We had passed it several times on our way to/from the mall and to/from my son's college, but never had to occasion to go in and dine.

Since my son had plans with his friends for dinner, we had lunch together.  Each lunch offers your option of protein, served with chicken onion soup and a generous portion of fried noodles, fried rice, and vegetables.  It even includes the salad bar, where I was happy to see a bean sprout salad, which went better with the entree more than the vegetables did.  It was such a huge serving that I packed half of my lunch for work the next day.  My son also enjoyed the soup, which was simply broth with crunchy onion strips, but still not served typically at other restaurants.

Lunch ranges from $6.50 for vegetables only to $15.95 for a combination of shrimp & scallop.  My husband had steak, my son had chicken, and both my daughter and I (seafood lovers that we are) both had shrimp.  Dinner starts at $13.95 for vegetables and goes all the way up to $41.95 for the Banzai Choice, which includes a shrimp, scallops, filet mignon, and a lobster tail.  It includes everything served at lunch, plus a shrimp appetizer and ice cream.  Honestly, if you just do the math, you can figure out that lunch is your best bet and if you're really craving the ice cream, just add it for $2.95!

As for the chef, he was not as entertaining as I'd hoped he'd be, but he was fun enough to let my son wear his chef's hat and let my son poke around the grill!
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