Tavern on the Lake

I brought my parents here during a rare visit to my area.  We ordered: pasta carbonara, grilled chicken pita, farra salad, and pulled pork sandwich, then finished off with an ice cream sundae.  The pasta was fine for my son... but I'd imagine it would be subpar for other folks.  It was made Filipino-style!  I thoroughly enjoyed the farra salad with barley soaked in sundried tomato vinaigrette.  Yummy in this summer weather.  Also, they had a live band playing which was really loud, but thankfully the guy had a good singing voice.

* Original post below from 12/2/10 *

I always fall for the old bait & switch.  Or maybe tonight wasn't such a bait & switch, but I still spent more than expected-- I couldn't resist the waitress' tease of "coffee or dessert?" as innocent as that sounds.  We got the cheesecake, which ended up costing more than our burgers!

Anyway, I was baited by the ad they had highlighting their daily specials.  On Mondays, it's 12 wings for 4 bucks.  On Tuesdays, it's endless pasta for $7.95.  On Wednesdays, which it was today, it's any burger off the menu for $5.25.  The last special is on Thursdays, endless ribs for $13.95.  

I got the Jersey burger, topped with a pork roll and cheddar cheese.  I had no idea what a pork roll was, but apparently, it's just a nicer, blander way to call Spam.  Which was okay, because I like Spam anyway.  My son had the good old bacon cheeseburger with Swiss cheese.  I think the bacon packed more flavor than the pork roll.  Overall, I'd say the burger patties were excellent, the fries were good, but the bread was too thick.  My daughter ordered a kids' meal which came with a drink... simple grilled cheese sandwich that no one can mess up.

We sat in the quieter side, which was kid-friendly, with perky servers entertaining even the youngest diner who was not more than a year old.  Even before we could sit and settle into our seats, my daughter was offered a balloon in the color of her choice and coloring sheet.  Next time, I'd like to sit in the more lively, sporty, flashy bar side... where I'd like to try their wings, and maybe a shot at some karaoke!

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