Lilo's Pizza & Bistro

My sister-in-law's baby shower was held at Lilo's today.  I thought it was an odd choice for a shower because the entry to the back was so narrow and the area where we sat was dark, not helped at all by the dark wood paneling.  They also did not have enough seats to fit all the guests comfortably.  But as much as I wanted to complain about this, I really couldn't because 1) the food was free for me as a guest, and 2) the food was divine!

For starters, our hosts picked out fried & breaded zucchini, green salad, and caprese salad.  We each had a choice of salmon, veal, or chicken for an entree.  Pictured above right is my chicken marsala and on the lower left is my sister's veal.  I much preferred the creamy sauce on the veal, but my chicken was prepared nicely also, without an overpowering marsala gravy that I find in other places.  For dessert, we had an option of cheesecake or tiramisu-- the cheesecake was nothing special as it tasted like it came out of a box, but the tiramisu was fluffy and went perfectly with my coffee.

You tend to forget they are serving pizza up front, because as dark as it was, it was quite cozy and romantic.  If I lived close enough, I would consider coming here for a date without the kids.  Then again, would I really want to go on a date at a strip mall on Route 303?

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