Bon Appetit: Europe in Princeton

On a recent visit, I had Mediterranean tuna salad that had no mayo, along with my croissant. There are now two locations near me. The original one on North Harrison Street, and the second at Forrestal Village, where I hang out while my daughter has ballet. The large paintings and seating are a nice touch at both places, and you are guaranteed to be served high quality foods. On a typical visit, I have coffee with a chocolate croissant, which has a dense bar of dark chocolate in the center. It makes for a perfect afternoon snack or dessert for breakfast!

Original post from 10/23/10, below:

Bon Appetit is located inside Princeton Shopping Center, and I'm embarrassed to say it took me over three years to go inside this place.  The first time I went was actually not today, but on a separate occasion when I was hoping to find gluten-free products as a gift to my boss with celiac disease.  On that occasion, I did not find what I was looking for, but today, they had exactly what I (and the rest of the family) wanted.

Bon Appetit touts itself as "Princeton's Only European Market & Cafe," specifically for 40 years from 1967-2007.  It challenged me to think of another place that might fit that bill, and you know what?-- I was hard pressed to think of another one.  We were only looking for good breakfast, so unfortunately, we did not partake in anything particularly French, but I did have a yummy cappuccino muffin that had sticky, sweet dulce de leche inside, while my husband and daughter enjoyed a ham & egg roll and bacon & egg wrap.  For drinks, we warmed up with hot cocoa and French roast coffee.  (Aha!  There was something French after all.)

P.S.  The painting shown above in their dining section is a great depiction of the season we are in.  And our total bill was less $19 (the yummy muffin was $1.79).

P.P.S.  I take credit for suggesting this place to urbanspoon!

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v money said...

i ate here a few years ago for lunch and had an amazing ham and cheese on baguette. YUM. pricing was a little high (for average folk, but right on par with all other princeton food joints) but the food was well worth it.

also love the eating area, with the ceiling to floor windows and great reproductions on the walls. very nice.

Anonymous said...

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