Seeda Thai

My best friend had been meaning to invite me to Seeda for the longest time because Thai food is the safest place for us to dine together because a) she's vegetarian, and b) I love pad Thai. On one cold and rainy Saturday in February, we were both pretty famished after a day of shopping in Long Island, so on our way back home, we finally made it to Seeda for the first time. (It was my friend's first time there as well.)

Because it was around Valentine's Day, there were lots of pink & red explosions throughout the restaurant, which reminded my friend of a Sex & The City episode with two single ladies being mistaken for a lesbian couple celebrating love day.

Anyway, of course I had to sample the pad Thai as is customary for me to do at any Thai place I go to. Because I was famished, I was happy to see the heaping portion of noodles, especially because it was overpriced. Unfortunately, they mixed in shrimp paste which I am not accustomed to having in my pad Thai, which literally and figuratively put a bad taste in my mouth.

One thing to-do checked off the list, but lesson learned, I'm not coming back here again.

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