Mama Meena's

Just as Cindee's is my favorite Filipino place to buy baked goods, Mama Meena's is my favorite place for eating Filipino Food. Though there has been an interesting crop of new Filipino restaurants without the tacky decor, Mama Meena's is the first place I've set foot in where I've thought to myself, "Wow, I'd actually bring my non-Filipino friends here." This was, of course, a while ago in order for it to become my favorite, but I just never remembered to post anything about it here.

The decor is cute & simple with red & white checkered tablecloth with fresh flowers in bud vases at each table. There is a TV at the far end of the long & narrow restaurant that is always playing the Filipino channel; having it as background noise really makes you feel at home (if you're Filipino, that is.) The food is also very inviting... with nearly every dish I can imagine, at reasonable prices (mostly under $7), sizes always good for sharing, and taste that can't be found elsewhere. I never eat there regretting my choice of dish and I never think I should've just eaten or cooked the same dishes at home.

Above pictured are the staples that my family always orders: crispy pata (fried pork hocks), pork BBQ, pansit malabon (seafood over rice noodles), and kare kare (oxtail in peanut stew). I can't come here without my family because I'd be lonesome ordering for myself.

Oh, and if you do go and visit, be sure to say hi to Mama Meena herself... she does exist!

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P.S. Just as the name suggests, this is a family run establishment. I've had the pleasure of being served by one of Mama's sons. He's the kind of kid I'd adopt... he's that nice :)