Burrito Royale

Since my first month of living in NJ exactly 2 years and 11 months ago, I have been wanting to eat at Burrito Royale. Why? Because I made millions of trips up and down Route 1, making stops at Home Depot and other home stores, and Burrito Royale was always on my way home. Because of its location and minimal fanfare, I never knew if it was a place that was coming or going-- sometimes the lot would be packed with cars, and most other times, the lot would be desolate and the actual building itself would look deserted.

When I got home tonight, my answer was on the tip of my tongue when my husband asked what we were having for dinner. BURRITO ROYALE! I blurted. I finally Googled the darned thing to make sure it would be open when we got there. And I finally learned why I never could get the timing of the place right: they are closed on Sundays & Mondays, the latest they stay open is 9pm, and 2 of 5 nights of the week they close at 7pm.

I was instantly charmed by the decor: heavy, dark wooden picnic benches & tables; straw hats hanging from the walls, two kinds of hot sauce on every table. There were no other patrons and the hum of the commercial refrigerator was deafening. Before we could decide what to order, two truckers came and went; after we placed our order, a neurotic woman came in and entertained us with her neurosis while we waited for our food, as she badgered the staff on what foods had no vegetable, soybean, or blended oil. Then as we were eating, a group of twenty-somethings came in, livening up the place in an instant with their laughter, the volume of their voices evidenced their unawares or lack of care for whoever else was dining there.

The food we had was uneventful in the sense that posting food photos wouldn't do this post any justice (burritos wrapped in foil just aren't photogenic), but what we did have was yummy. My daughter had the classic Mexican pizza sans meat, onions, and peppers, and my husband and I both created our own beef burritos. His had rice, beans, and lettuce; mine had rice, chili, and guacamole-- at just $4.99 each. We were so stuffed at the end that we were already plotting what we would order next time we go-- just share 1 burrito so we could sample the other offerings, such as tacos and nachos.

I have to add that my burrito seemed to need a bit more salt, but it was nothing that a little hot sauce couldn't fix.

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