Aljon's in Plainsboro

It's probably bad luck to say it, but the fire at the shopping center where Aljon's is located was probably a blessing in disguise. I was new to NJ when this place was half-ghost town and you could either only go to the Asian market or to the Indian place on the other end. Aside from those two places, there didn't seem much other reason to go. Then all of a sudden, the shopping center gets a complete makeover and new shops & eateries have opened up. I'm determined to try each place at least once, and to begin this mission, my family & I started at Aljon's.

The place does not provide table service, but as you can see, you can still dine on real dinnerware with silverware. I was blown away by the menu and really couldn't decide if I wanted diner food (good selection of sandwiches, burgers, and cheesesteaks, all served with fries), or Italian food (pizza or pasta). I decided to let the specials board narrow down my selection and I chose the mushroom ravioli with alfredo sauce for just $6.99. My husband had the chicken parmesan with his choice of pasta (spaghetti), at the same price. My daughter had a pepperoni slice.

While my husband wasn't too happy with his pick (too salty for an already salty eater), I truly enjoyed mine. The ravioli & sauce tasted as if made from scratch, with just the right amount of salty and creamy. I also loved the bread, which had the right amount of sour and dough-y.

All in all, a yummy and affordable meal (for me, at least).

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