Rolly's: An American Bistro

Those mailer coupons come in really handy, and is a great way for restaurants to market themselves. I've been holding on to one such coupon from Rolly's since it came in the mail a few weeks ago, wondering when I might partake in their Tuesday pasta night or their 2 for $22 daily specials, or use the $10 off purchase of $40. Well, that day finally came when my parents came by and asked where we could eat... and bam, the answer was right there underneath a magnet on my refrigerator.

I'm assuming that Rolly's is new or newly renovated because the place looked pristine inside with not many diners. The menus and furniture still had that newness about it, and so did the waitress who didn't seem to carry the vibe of the restaurant yet. Whatever it was, it just yelled NEW to me, or it could also have been simply that the food was so darn fresh. (Upon inspection of their website, the freshness is really something they do rave about.)

Coupon in hand, my parents had the 2 for $22 special, choosing a calamari appetizer with banana peppers, with chicken cordon bleu and prime rib for their entrees. The banana peppers had a surprisingly sour (not spicy) tang to it, and the mashed potatoes and veggies that accompanied the veggies were really divine. I had the "double brie" burger ($8.99), which was stuffed with brie cheese and had slices of brie and avocado on top, accompanied with my choice of sweet potato fries. My daughter had a kid's meal ($4.99), and was surprised with a freshly made 10" inch pizza that she could hardly finish on her own.

If I say the word "fresh" any more, I'd beat the word dead already. But the food really was so good that we were playing musical plates. I kept picking off my dad's veggies, my mom's potatoes, while my parents kept stealing my fries. I also had a small bite of each of their entrees and have to say that the hollandaise sauce on top of my mom's chicken was so good that I wish I had a whole jar of it at home. My only complaint is that the choice of brie for my burger did not seem best... the avocado and burger was all I could taste because the brie was not powerful enough.

Still, I really can't complain any more because my parents just kept raving about it in the car on the way home. What probably helped was that we finished off our meal with a cheesecake ($5.99) large enough for the four of us to share. I can't wait until my parents visit me again! Yum!

1275 South River Road
Cranbury, NJ

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