East Asian Fusion

I know this will sound kind of stupid, if not funny, but East serves the best Chinese Pad Thai. Usually, I am wary of such a dish because for some reason Chinese restaurants will add a tomato base to it, but this one was a great combination of Chinese and Thai flavors. The true testament is the fact that my teenage son liked it, and he normally would not go anywhere near Thai food. And there goes the orange beef again for my husband, which he also touts as "the best".

I actually love East so much that I've hosted a couple of parties here. There is a great open space towards the back with lots of sunlight during the day, and then there's Andy, the friendliest, most flexible owner you can ever book a party with. What's great is that, if you are open to it, he will bring a refreshing excitement to the otherwise boring menu you have in mind. So if you are in the mood for something new, for a last minute dinner or a party, ask Andy for some ideas.

5 Market Street
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
(609) 750-3278

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