Crystal Diner

My son was craving diner food and so off to a diner we went. There are three diners in the area that I've been to millions of times, so I decided I better expand my radius a teeny bit and that's how we ended up in Lawrenceville. The other hook for me was that it is open 24 hours, and so I just had to check it out for curiosity's sake.

The decor was cute, looked like something out of a 70's movie or sitcom. The upholstery was a pinkish/purplish pleather busting at the seams, with country wooden & floral knick-knacks scattered about. The food portions were pretty huge (typical diner size) and the menu was extensive. And above all, kids eat free M-TH and the prices were just right.

Because of its cozy kitsch, I am forgiving of their food's less than stellar quality. What does one expect from a dive anyway? It was my first time having a Monte Cristo (after seeing my friend's fiance have one last week, I needed to try one for myself)-- turkey, ham, and cheese, sitting atop two slices of french toast. My husband had a chicken sandwich, my son had a cheeseburger deluxe, my daughter had grilled cheese, and my mother-in-law had the honey chicken basket. My entree was so huge that I had no interest in sampling anyone else's food, as I normally do. But, oh yes, I did have room for dessert.

Total was $47 after discount, tax, and tip, for 4 adults and 1 child.

Crystal Diner
2009 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
(609) 392-3500

P.S. Feel free to click above and read the reviews which are not as forgiving as I am!

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