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This was not our first time to Cheeburger, but these photos are worth a re-post of this place.  Not to mention I want to add a story about some creepy dude who was being such a pest to innocent diners.  My son actually said he wanted to hurry and get out of the place before the guy made it to our table.  Basically, the guy was alone, pretended he was waiting for friends, and chatted it up with innocent people at random tables.  I overheard a teenager telling his date, "there goes that guy again," so apparently it's not the first time.  And fortunately for my son, we didn't have to rush our meal... the creepy dude managed to weasel his way into being invited to sit at someone else's table while he "waited" for his friends...

Here's my daughter's kid's meal: A Cheeser Cheeser with a side of bacon; the other photo is a small order of onion rings, which were good but too oily to eat on their own!
This was my Classic sized burger (5.5 ounces) topped with mozzarella, onion rings, black olives, jalapeno peppers, and chopped garlic!  In the background is a generous sized side salad.
This is my son's Serious sized Angus platter (10 oz).  His burger has three types of onions: raw, ringed, and sauteed.  It also has chopped garlic, guacamole, and lettuce.

* Original post below on 9/16/09 *
Although independently owned, Cheeburger is still part of a chain (albeit a small chain), but still I like it. We stumbled upon the one in Lawrenceville when we first moved to NJ a couple of years ago and were happy that 1) it was owned by Filipinos, 2) it was uber-family friendly, and 3) the menu is quite fun with all the endless combinations of *free* toppings you could put on your burger and all the different ways you can personalize your shake. I also caught on quickly that Wednesdays are family nights, with free entertainment milling about at the tables-- today it was a balloon artist and at one time it was a face painter. I asked for a grey cat in honor of my real-life grey & white kitty.

Today, my son purchased a discount card sold by his high school football team to raise money. It entitles the cardbearer to an array of savings at local restaurants, so we decided to take advantage of the 10% off purchase of $20+ at Cheeburger. My son ordered the Black Angus platter ($9.99), which comes with a "serious" sized patty that my son topped with raw onions, guacamole, and cheese; with rings instead of fries; and a side salad that I ate for my dinner. My daughter had the kids meal ($4.99)-- she went with the Cheeser Cheeser-- a plain old grilled sandwich and had it with skin-on fries. Everything is cooked in peanut oil... not that it matters, since we thankfully don't have any food allergies, and anyway I really can't taste the difference.

No dessert today, but I did have a half-sized shake ($3.29). I decided to go with banana, marshmallow, and pralines, mixed into my shake, but was disappointed to taste only the banana. I once had the strawberry cheesecake and something with chocolate covered pretzel-- which were awesome, so I was really bummed not to have lucked out today.

3349-70 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ

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