Seafood & Sushi Buffet

If you have not noticed already, my family eats at a lot of Asian restaurants and buffets. Today's lunch was a toss-up between Vietnamese food or a Japanese buffet. Since we were planning to canoe after lunch, we opted for the buffet so we could load up and be energized for the trip. I figured we could save the Vietnamese restaurant for dinner with friends.

Pictured above are: my son's appetizer plate; my daughter's soup bowl; and my plate that includes shrimp made in four different ways (spring roll, rock tempura, basil, and fried rice), calamari, seabass, and string beans. They had every sushi and roll combination you could possibly imagine-- aside from what's already out, you could also ask the chef to prepare whatever your heart desires. Funny enough, all my daughter wanted was a no-frills crab roll.

This place reminded us of Todai in NYC and Minado in Long Island, NY. Not as fancy and not as authentic, but it was the first Japanese buffet my husband felt satisfied with. And aside from the headliners, the ice cream was not to be forgotten: the best red bean ice cream I've ever had, with rich green tea, too.

Lunch was $9.99 per adult, and $5.99 for our child under 4.5 feet tall.


Fuji Japanese Sushi & Seafood Buffet
1345 US Highway 1
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-2001
(732) 246-8588

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