Yao's in Skillman NJ

Yao's took the place of Meewah, where I ate lunch last year (see original post below from 8/20/09).  I'd been meaning to go there since the changeover, but had little faith it would be any different.  As you can see, the tables and tableware are the same, and the staff looked the same also in their same black outfits.  But I did notice the biggest difference upon coming in, which was the super friendly and attentive service (my tea cup & ice water never came close to empty).

The above is a dish I had never tried anywhere else, called Five Flavor Chicken.  It tasted like it had more than five ingredients and it really wowed my taste buds.  I also like the texture of the chicken, which was thin and crispy, but not dry... almost like eating fried chicken skins doused with a very interesting sauce. The price was reasonable and because of the service, I did not feel so bad eating solo.

P.S.  I just referred this place to UrbanSpoon!

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* Old post below...
I have finally accepted that I have a love & hate relationship with Thai food. Here is what I had for lunch today, at a CHINESE restaurant. This pad Thai dish didn't even taste like pad Thai, with green bell peppers and a heavy tomato base. However, it only cost $6.95 and came with a soup, and while it was not authentic, it still tasted pretty good. The best part is that it was large enough for half to be saved and to be enjoyed at my desk for lunch tomorrow. My husband had the sesame chicken with brown rice (same price), and that was pretty yummy, too.

So, do I love or hate Thai food? Still not sure. Maybe I am just a glutton for punishment.

1330 Route 206
Skillman, NJ 08558
(609) 924-3100