Found: Vietnamese in NJ

I told my friend recently what I just realized: that I love, love, love Vietnamese food. Unlike Thai food, which I can eat (or tolerate) only when the place has nice decor, I can eat Vietnamese anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Even if I cannot pronounce any of the dishes' names, which leaves me no choice but to point to the picture on the menu.

I was so happy to find that there are a lot of Vietnamese places to go to in the North Brunswick area. There are just some days when I can't do the 40-mile drive to Philly, and even though I am in New York almost every other weekend, it's hard to carve time out for my old standby in Elmhurst, Queens. After a quick Google search, we ended up going to Huong Que based upon distance and customer reviews. The sit-down menu is more expensive than the take-out menu, but eating anything take-out (unless it's Chinese) just isn't good enough.

We ordered our favorites: Cha Gio (spring roll) (half-eaten, pictured above), Com Suon Nuong (grilled pork chop over rice), Com Bo Lui (sesame beef over rice), and Pho Ca Vien Hoac Mi (rice noodle beef soup with fishballs). I also ordered a crab patty on the side. Our orders were accompanied by fresh romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, mint leaves, and jalapenos. The food was not prepared with a lot of oil, so it was very good, comforting food. Next time, I will get the Goi Cuon (summer roll), because no one wanted to share it with me tonight.

Our total bill, after tax & tip for 4 people, was about $35.

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