The Blue Rooster for The Old Blue Eater

A couple of friends from NY visited, and I wanted to give them a good taste of country-Jersey hospitality that only Blue Rooster could offer.  Although the menu boasts many good things, it's almost better just to order from the specials.  The servers make them sound so yummy!  I got the French toast trio.  Though it is kind of funny ordering specials from a place that already promises (and delivers) freshly made selections.

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Original post on 8/2/09:

On this very rainy Sunday, I was in the mood for brunch. I have only gone for brunch once in Princeton in the whole time I've been in NJ, so I thought I'd find a new place to go to. The Blue Rooster in Cranbury was a place I had been meaning to check out for their children's book readings, but unfortunately I found out about these too late (I started working full-time already and the readings are during the workweek.)

On our way to brunch, I saw that the ice cream shop, pizzeria, and Chinese restaurant were all desolate, probably because of the rain. But as we got closer to The Blue Rooster, parking became harder to find and once inside we were surprised to be put on a waitlist with two other parties-- that's how busy they were. Standing there waiting gave me an opportunity to browse the bakery's offerings and really take in the charm of the place, decorated with artwork depicting the local scene and inspirational words on how to respect cultures and communities.

Once seated, I was charmed some more by the table setting, with freshly picked wildflowers and blue rooster-themed dishware. My husband and mother-in-law opted for the organic eggs plate, while I went with the full Irish breakfast. The Blue Rooster prides itself with its bread, and the accompanying was really good and hearty. My entree reminded me of my trip to Europe; I laughed at the memory of how my son and I looked forward to our "safe" breakfast of eggs, beans, bacon, and toast, because lunch and dinner always tasted awful and we'd be left hungry for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I plan to return to The Blue Rooster on several other occasions: with my daughter for Girl Day (so she can feel fancy), with my girlfriends when they come to visit, and with my family (particularly my mother and oldest brother, who would appreciate this place the most.) Also, customer service was excellent, with the owner checking in on diners every now and then.

Today's meal included coffee, and our total for three people was a little over $30, after tax & tip.


The Blue Rooster Bakery & Cafe
17 North Main Street
Cranbury, NJ 08512
(609) 235.7539

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