The Frog & The Peach

Apparently, New Brunswick in NJ is a happening place. Of course, I had been too much of a snob to be open to it, coming from NYC where you can have anything and everything you can possibly want in all different price ranges. Since moving to NJ a couple of years ago, I haven't ventured further than the chain and staple restaurants on Route 1, and because I visit NYC very often, I have no reason to sample the offerings of NJ... which I am now learning are plenty.

Fortunately, I do have one good friend who lives in NJ and we both had a hankering for a dinner date. I had been collecting recommendations from coworkers and all signs pointed to New Brunswick. My friend and I settled on The Frog & The Peach, and there I had the $29 prix fixe Frugal Farmer. I started with the Sunchoke Bisque, which tasted better than it looked; had the Chicken Meatball entree, which was fancier than it sounded; and finished it off with the Lemon Tea Cake, which was more breakfast fare than dessert, but still delightful. Since I drive a lot, I limit my alcohol intake when I'm out, so here I had the tasty Pomegranate & Lychee Iced Tea for $3.50.

My total cost for one person, after tax & tip was $42.

Anyway, I look forward to sampling more fares in the area, in and around my new home in NJ. And whether that's in Philly or in NY, you'll find more about my food adventures here! (P.S. Don't go looking for in-depth reviews though... this is only a food journal!)


The Frog & The Peach
29 Dennis Street at Hiram Square
New Brunswick, NJ

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