Fiesta Brava

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The kids didn't want pizza, Chinese food, or diner food, which were the only choices in Cranbury when we went today. My son was rather hungry and I knew he needed rice, so I told my husband to keep driving into the next town as I was sure we'd find a new place to go to. We ended up pulling into the first mini-mall in Highstown which gave us the following choices: deli, chicken & grill, bagel shop, and Fiesta Brava. As you can see, we ended up eating at the Ecuatorian & Mexican place.

For some reason, we all wanted beef: we ordered 1 beef burrito, 1 beef tostada, 3 beef tacos, 1 cheese quesadilla, rice & beans, 2-liter of pineapple soda, with free chips & salsa to start. Unfortunately, the beef was kind of bland and the customer service was bland as well-- they failed to take our orders properly which had us scraping off lettuce from the quesadilla (daughter), tomatoes from the burrito (son), and onions from the tacos (husband). It seems the only order they got right was mine, which is why it's pictured above. Oh, and because it was quite yummy, too, despite the beef. Our total with tax & tip was $30.


Fiesta Brava
107 Franklin Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520
(609) 918-0300

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