Favorite Pizza: Magma

Quite simply, the best part about "slices" of Magma pizza is that each is freshly made and not part of a whole pie sitting cold until they heat it up before serving. They are also served on fun wooden boards and have interesting topping choices not often found at local pizzerias, such as baby clams (pictured above), artichoke hearts, and grilled eggplant. Lastly, their ranch fries are always a hit with my son: fries topped with fatty bacon bits and melted provolone cheese.

I know it sounds crazy unhealthy, but believe me when I say it's yummy!


Magma Pizza
445 Nassau Park Boulevard
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 452.8383

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Anonymous said…
Will definitely try this joint. if you are ever in Staten Island, you should swing by Denino's pizzeria. I consider their pie as one of the top 5 best in NYC. as a tradition for most locals, walk across the street for some homemade italian ices and cream at Ralph's ices.
thanks for sharing your food travels, more power to your blog.